I trolled a guy on Match.com, kinda

The bottom line of a Match profile is level of education, yours and what you prefer in your match. This can often result in reading a profile, going, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, seems great!" and then finding this:

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As an intelligent, educated woman, this boggles my mind. Despite everything I've ever heard about men, I can't believe there are so many who do NOT want a woman with an advanced degree. This fucker doesn't even care if she speaks English, as long as she doesn't have a Masters.

I've been complaining about this on Facebook and such, and my dad suggested I write to them. That maybe they're doing it on purpose, to start a conversation? That seems pretty douchey, but I decided next time I found a cute guy with this affliction I would message him. So I wrote to this character, "What do you have against women with graduate degrees?"


He hasn't written back.

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