I'm watching The Bachelor and also following it on Twitter, and I have to write about it because I am full of rage.

So evidently there's this girl Clare, whom the other girls don't like. I haven't been paying much attention, so I don't know why. Tonight Juan Pablo has like a zillion girls on a group date, but goes off and does something in the ocean with Clare. She has her legs around him and they're making out, and it's strongly suggested they had sex.


Lots of Twitter, predictably, is all "Clare's a whore." Not "Juan Pablo's a whore, kissing all these women and evidently banging one of them on national TV."

Then, THEN! At the party later, he tells her he regrets whatever they did, because his little daughter will see it. So Clare naturally feels like crap. You never want to hear that a guy regrets having sex with you. And he goes on about how he only did it because he didn't want to hurt her feelings by saying no. Dickhead. So he regrets banging her, and he didn't really even want to. It was all her. Gaslight 101.


And Twitter is still mostly, "Oh stop crying WHORE."


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